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Star Wars LEGO Mini Figure Star Wars LEGO Mini Figure

List Of Star Wars LEGO Minifigures

Below is a comprehensive list of Star Wars LEGO Minifigures that have been released to date.  We will work to update this list as the LEGO group continues to release new Star Wars themed LEGO sets.

List of  Star Wars LEGO Mini-Figures


LEGO Star Wars mini figures have become incredibly popular since the first realease by LEGO in 1999. LEGO covers the entire series of Star Wars movies, from the original Star Wars movie released in 1977 to the newest Star Wars movie releases.

The initial Star Wars LEGO Sets released were based around Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  These LEGO sets include the very poplular Anakin's Podracer, and the Sith Infiltrator which includes a great Star Wars LEGO mini figure, Darth Maul.  These LEGO sets were well recieved by the LEGO community and the Star Wars community and very quickly grew in popularity.  Since then LEGO has maintained, and expanded on, it's relationship with LucasFilms to bring many more Star Wars LEGO sets.

Partnerships with entertainment franchises have been hugely successful for LEGO and there are talks of expanding the emphasis on partnerships going forward.  In addition to the Star Wars themed LEGO sets Batman, Indiana Jones, and Sponge Bob Square Pants have all been well received by young children and those that are just young at heart.

Although LEGO hasn’t officially commented on the matter, it’s rumored that in the future there may be additional lines released that follow suit with the Indian Jones products that target more mature male consumers that grew up building LEGO sets and now have slightly more grown up entertainment preferences (along the lines of Star Wars).

LEGO Star Wars Mini Figures

The Star Wars themed LEGO sets generally include a Star Wars mini figure or two.  LEGO mini figures have always been popular with LEGO enthusiasts and the Star Wars lineup of mini figures is no different.  LEGO seems to have gone the extra mile in developing the mini figures for the Star Wars themed sets.  Many of the mini figures included in these LEGO sets are extremely detailed and represent the Star Wars movie versions of the figures very well.

The LEGO Group has gone to great lengths to create as desirable, and collectible, a system of Star Wars themed mini figures as possible.  Many Star Wars LEGO mini figures are only available from the LEGO Group with the purchase of an entire Star Wars LEGO set, which can sometimes run as much as $500!  This makes the included mini figures that much more desirable since many enthusiasts work to collect just the mini figures of the Star Wars themed LEGO sets.

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