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The Outpost Attack LEGO set, number 7948, is one of the medium sized kits from the very successful Kingdoms range of LEGO. The theme for the range is medieval, and the battle between good and evil, featuring the good red and white Lion knights and troops of the King against the evil Dragon knights, who are yellow and green. This set was released in 2010 and sells in stores for around $20. There are 194 pieces, including 3 mini figures, and the set is suitable for children aged 5-12. As the set is relatively simple in design, only the very youngest children should need assistance in putting the bricks together.

This set is designed to be used either as a standalone toy, or in conjunction with some of the other sets in the Kingdoms range. The advantage of this set as a standalone toy is that it has both the tower belonging to the Lion knights and the attack catapult belonging to the bad guys, the Dragon knights. This combination of both good and bad characters means that there are more possibilities for play than with a set which features one side only. When used in combination with some of the other sets from the range, this set can be easily added on as another tower to a castle, or used to create part of a larger building.

There are two main parts to this set. The first is the tower, or outpost, controlled by the Lion knights who are loyal to the King. The tower is built on three levels, with battlements at flags at the top just like the larger castle sets. As with all the buildings in this range which are controlled by the Lion knights, the color scheme is grey, with red accents on the roof and red and yellow flags flying proudly from the top of the battlements. There are also two Lion mini figures, one with a bow and arrow and the other with a sword. Weapons and also helmets are also interchangeable between the two figures. The other part to this set is the Dragon side of things. Firstly, there is a large catapult which can fire missiles at the mini figures or outpost tower when a lever is depressed. A small barrel missile is provided with the set to use as ammunition but most other pieces of LEGO would work just as well. There is also a Dragon knight soldier mini figure, which has a rounded helmet and is carrying both long pike as a weapon and a torch.

Given the price of this product, the set represents excellent value for money. The set offers a large amount of opportunities for different sorts of play, this flexibility means that it works equally as well as a standalone product or as an add on to the larger castle play sets. The quality of the mini figures is very good, and the moving parts on the catapult turn it from a static object into something far more interesting and interactive.

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