Halo LEGOs

Halo LEGOs

Halo LEGOs

Halo Wars Mega Bloks Battle Unit


Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Warthog


Mega Bloks Halo Wars Aerial Ambush


Mega Bloks Halo Wars UNSC Scorpion


Mega Bloks UNSC Shortsword


Mega Bloks Covenant Wraith


Mega Bloks UNSC Green Combat Unit


Mega Brand UNSC RED Spartan Troop Warthog


Mega Bloks Halo War UNSC Turret


Halo LEGOs are becoming very popular among LEGO enthusiast and Hard-Core Halo fans.  Scenes like the one pictured here are popping up all over the web.

Halo, of course, is a super popular first person shooter that originally came out for the X-Box game console.  It spawned a second and third version of Halo, and probably many more to come.

LEGO has been putting out Space LEGOs for over ten years, so it was natural that some LEGO builders would start building Halo LEGOs creations.

There are quite a famous LEGO builders creating Halo builds and putting pictures of their Halo LEGOs online.  If you want to get started building your own, start simple with these instructions for building a LEGO Halo Rocket Launcher!